Memory Leak(?)

32gb Dedicated server runs at 20 tps most of the time. But getting lag spikes (server freezes for 1-2 seconds). Skipping ticks in the hundreds. We usually peak at ~60 (which should be a breeze for specs, right?), but the lag spikes happen no matter what. It does seem to get better after a restart (or it may be the placebo effect)

So my question is if it is a memory leak. Would re-downloading all the plugins work or is that not how it works? Also anyone else experiencing this and found a fix?

RAM usage: You can see it progressively get higher and higher until server crashes or restarts (usually crash).


Plugin List:


(Will be migrating to nucleus, heard that was better for performance. But doubt that’s the issue)

Side Notes:
Server CPU and SWAP usuage always low
No startup parameters, haven’t figured out how to do that with multicraft yet

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How much RAM do you dedicate to minecraft? If you dedicate too much it will do the cleanups REALLY far appart, and they will be REALLY long (what you’re experiencing here from what I can see). Try lowering the amount of RAM given to minecraft.

Thanks, that sounds like the solution I needed. It’s currently at 32, I’ll experiment with the RAM. Wouldn’t this become an issue in the future when there are more players and I’ll need to allocate more ram?

I don’t have enough knowledge to assist in this, but this could possibly be solved with garbage collection parameters. This thread goes in depth on that stuff.


Update: Fixed somehow… I uninstalled essentialcmds and serverlistplus, started server, then reinstalled the jars. Not sure what happened but I’ll take it

Second Update: jokes guys, after some consecutive crashes, the problem resurfaced