MengerGen - Menger Sponge Creator! [v1.0]

A Sponge plugin that can generate menger sponges of any arbitrary level in Minecraft!

A menger sponge is a type of 3D fractal that looks like a giant porous sponge. They resemble Sierpinski carpets, but in 3D.
Menger Sponge on Wikipedia

Here are some generated with MengerGen:

/menger [level]
This command will generate a menger sponge starting at your coordinates and proceeding in the positive X, Y, and Z directions. The permission node is “mengergen.generate”.
Be careful where you create them, there is no undo command!


MengerGen source on github:

The maximum level sponge possible in Minecraft is a level 5 (243 block height).

You can attempt to generate a level 6 with this plugin, however, the top will be cut off above the world height and it will take a very long time to generate, so it isn’t recommended. Level 7+ are virtually impossible to generate with current hardware due to the high RAM requirements.

The generation code itself (uses 6API-Bridge to interface with the Sponge API): link

In the future, I’ll be updating it further to support oversized sponges, other blocks, and maybe rotations.

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That is so cool. Can you make procedural dungeon with it?

Not currently. I’ve been considering making a world generator using them, though,

It would require another algorithm/fractal in conjunction with the sponge generator to get something worth playing, since every menger sponge of the same level is identical, and all levels share the same common pattern.

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I love it.
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Awesome but totally pointless… I love it!


Pretty Cool. Awesomely pointless.