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You never cleanse git… I mean that’s literally what it is for. To make sure you don’t lose your code.

Deleting git repos locally is another story though. But never ever delete them on the remote, unless you move the repo somewhere else. And even then it’s the last step.


Yeah… I don’t really know what I was doing…
It was at least 3 months ago, maybe more… I must’ve been stupider then…

I mean, there isn’t much I can do now though…


I’m not mad at you or anything. No need to apologize.

AT least now you know :stuck_out_tongue:


(and besides, if someone really wants the code that badly, the binaries are still there… the library wasn’t that well written though…)


That’s a fair idea. I mean I would have modified the code anyways.


A fork, don’t know if it is up-to-date:


An up-to-date alternative to this plugin would be my plugin HuskyUI, found here.
Documentation is sparse but it’s getting better.