Message to a player on block place (or break)

Hello guys,
I would like to find plugin, which should do this:
Player places specific block on the ground and it will show him a message.

So I need plugin, where I can specify block and message, which will appear to the player.

Player placed Ender Tank and message:
“Be sure to use Diamond on it to lock it just for you”

Maybe this plugin is exist (I couldn’t find it) or it is very simple to do this, but I can’t make plugin, I don’t understand it and don’t have enough time for it.

I need this for SpongeForge 1.12.2 API 7.

Thank you for your help,

I could probably code this up this weekend, unless someone else would like to jump on it first? :slight_smile:

It sounds amazing! :slight_smile: I am just thinking about one thing. Is it possible to see the difference between Ender tank with/without lock? ID is still the same.
Another question is, if it should by possible to read more events (place, break, etc.)

So I have to wait for my gpg key to refresh to upload it to ore. But you can find the plugin ActionMessage on it’s github page :slight_smile: Currently it supports block place, break, and interact. I plan to eventually add support for all of the actions in my other plugin ProtectionPerms, but I figured I’d get block support out ASAP. As for your question regarding differentiating between the locked and unlocked tank, I’m assuming that block is from a mod so it’s really up to the mod author how they implemented IDs, if they included some blockstate information you may be able to use the state ID instead of the type ID to differentiate.

It is amazing! Thank you so much for making that. In the next few days I will test it and let you know about any possible problems :slight_smile:

I briefly try to use it and everything works perfectly. Just one little think, which is maybe “mistake”? When I click on a block just with hand, it shows the interact message twice. When I tried it with a block/item in my hand, it shows the message just once.

Another think about the item variant. I found out, that with Nucleus is it not problem to find it out. Just do /iteminfo with the item/block in main hand and you will se, which item it is and which type.

In ather words, works perfectly.

And if it is possible to add reload command, it would be awesome! :slight_smile:

The empty hand being repeated twice is I think a Sponge bug. Sure I can add a hook into the standard /sponge plugins reload command :slight_smile:

Is it possible to add option for each block to show the message in chat or like title? (I mean the message which appear above the hotbar)

Another (I know, I want a lot, just suggestion) idea.
Is it possible to add option for items too? Something like “Damage of your tool is below XX”.

Another think for pick-up event. When player pick up something to run custom command? Like /broadcast &a%player_name% just found &cMega Epic Pickaxe &a!

Thank you very much for your work!

It’s up on ore now: Zerthick / ActionMessage :smile:

I’ve also added support for reloading messages with the /sponge plugins reload command. As for your other features if I have time to double-back on this plugin I’ll take a look at adding them.


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