Microsoft bought Mojang - What does it means for you?

Disclaimer: This is all the facts at the moment. Some things can’t be said at this time.
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Everyone heard that Microsoft bought Mojang. But what does that mean?
Well, for one, Notch left Mojang. Jeb still has full Creative Control over Minecraft.
The guys at Mojang can still carry on the same. They can tweet and interact with us. They’re still awesome.
4J Studios will still be developing Minecraft on the consoles. Pocket Edition will still be on all phones.
There has been a rumor going around that modding won’t be allowed. THAT IS COMPLETELY FALSE. Microsoft have said that they’re not messing in that area.

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More info to come.

Already been posted my friend, not to mention a couple of other threads that have been posted.

Hmm, what this means to me… Nothing.

What Microsoft bought Mojang means to me is Microsoft bought Mojang.

I’m okay with that. @BungeeTheCookie

Even though they said everything will be okay its like they are ensuring that getting sucked into a black hole will be survivable. It is false promises and I cant feel safe knowing that they don’t even know what is going to happen to the game in the near future.

I don’t think so.
I think that it would be best for Microsoft if they let Mojang continue what they were doing.
(They would make the most money that way…)

Means nothing to me unless they do something to negatively affect sponge and/or forge.

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I didn’t like what M$ did with Windows Vista.
I didn’t like what M$ did with Windows 8.
I didn’t like what M$ did with Xbox One.

I hope they don’t screw up with Mojang.

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I just hope they keep catering to the community. I don’t think Microsoft is going to throw away their 2.5 billion just yet.

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i’m afraid for the future versions of Minecraft particuly for the server part.