Microsoft buying Mojang hoax?

Everything we know, are rumors… what do you think?


Among many other tweets


i don’t really think so

I don’t think it’s a Hoax at all - but we will have to wait and see as talks are talks and so therefore can go one or two ways.

well… 2bil $ from 2012. are 2.04bil now :stuck_out_tongue: inflation

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Highly doubt it’s a hoax, seeing as many major news companies are going through the effort of posting online articles about it.

The moment I saw the news about it, I instantly went to check my calendar to see if it was April 1. already. Seemed to crazy to be true, and still does.
But the Minecraft community is all over the place already. So Mojang potentially being bought by Microsoft, can’t make stuff much worse than it already is.

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I think this move could potentially help Mojang out with the whole legal conundrum regarding Bukkit/CraftBukkit because lets face it, Microsoft have lawyers 4 dayz.

Though if this is real it does seem to be out of the blue, I think somebody with friends inside MS on IRC said that even they found it to be a random move.


They might get Mojang a good PR team too :wink:


Notch has been very quiet for awhile now.

Anything is possible I suppose. However, the fact that some really well known news organizations reported on it and everyone is being unusually quiet adds a lot of potential credibility to the claim.

I know if someone threw that much money at any of us we probably wouldn’t say no either. :wink:

If it does end up being acquired I just hope that Microsoft doesn’t do anything that could potentially damage the Minecraft community. Hopefully they won’t turn a blind eye to the fact that servers and the various game modifications which people come up with have always played a large role in the success of the game.

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Here is the wsj writer of the story.

maybe he’s mentally preparing for the wave of hate that will come when the news comes out? XD


He is probably building some kind of shelter :smile:

Grum is rumoured to have said “No comment” which fuels speculation even more (Why wouldn’t he just say no if it wasn’t true)

It’s not like Grum to not have a comment!


Look at the date for that tweet. It’s 2 years old. It is not substantial contributing evidence.


I don’t believe that Mojang AB would sell-out to Microsoft, of all companies, but I think speculation is healthy. In my opinion, it would be more believable if Google was rumoured to buy it considering they’re working on their own gaming console. As the Google fantard that I am, I would have mixed feeling about it simply because they already have so many services. We’d have less updates.

But this isn’t about Google. It’s about Microsoft. Considering all of the other more valuable games available on the Xbox series, it doesn’t seem plausible that now they decide which gaming company to buy-out. Mojang has only made three games. Two of which, to my knowledge, doesn’t nearly have the popularity that MineCraft does.

Basically, I’m sure it’s just a rumour. But know knows. Microsoft did buy Skype. For those who didn’t know that, go to the Skype website and scroll all the way down to the footer.


I think this is all a big hoax becuase Notch isn’t gonna give up his most successful project and also if Microsoft gets control they will probably drop Mac and PS3/4 support and updates to focus on the things they own like Windows and Xbox versions.

But, again, this brings us back to a very familiar, yet unsettling scenario in which a huge corporation buys out a small startup. Bad for the economy.

Credits to this statement go to Twitter user @Shadowwolf97x.