Microsoft Minecraft Mod Developer Pack

Apparently this just got released not that long ago:


That’s certainly… interesting. I can’t say I don’t appreciate it. For whatever their faults, this isn’t one of them. Hopefully this is just a taste of what they’ll do in the future.

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Java in Visual Studio? What is this madness!


True. Anyone who already works with Java/Minecraft probably doesn’t use VS. However, they’re providing a market where this isn’t one. :smile:

No matter how you slice it, Minecraft reaching new people can only be a good thing. :smile:


Slowly their invest in Mojang seems to make sense…
They’re trying to reach young developers which is great!

We’ll see where this road takes us :smile:

we still need better forge tutorials

other than that, its great that they’re supporting it. .w.

Forge documentation, it’s happening


Using Visual Studio for mod and plugin development sounds interesting.

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I probably won’t be switching anytime, soon. The fact that the possibility is there is nice, though.

“Microsoft versus Minecraft”? xD What a great link name


It’s supposed to be Microsoft Visual Studio Minecraft.

You don’t say :0

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From my experience, minecraft in visual studio is a horrible idea. I’ve always had problems when using visual studio. Java support in VS however… It will just be one more IDE that isn’t as useful as Eclipse. I would die (and oracle too probably) if all of a sudden developers used “Visual Java”. We already hate .NET as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but
Its so much easier because it sets everything up automagically right?
What’s the big deal? Some team worked hard on it stop slamming it cause its a lil foreign to you. Youll hurt the devs feelings!!!

Right, tell me you don’t know where everything is at first glance when it “automagically” does it’s thing? I know how it works, but it’s a pain. This brings in a level of abstraction, which doesn’t help a new modder at all understand the inner workings of modding minecraft. In fact, it’s actually noise because it’s a visual studio extension which contains vbscript. It should be for the professional modders. I still wouldn’t recommend it though.

Also, I have a history… I hate Microsoft. I have my reasons. I hate Apple too. I could care less if I hurt the developers’ feelings.

I have a really big feeling that their biggest reason for aquiring Mojang has something to do with their new HoloLens product.