Microsoft said we are safe?

I got this information from home page if anyone wants to see.

Mojang’s recent deal with Microsoft has left a lot of unanswered questions for the community. How will servers be affected? What about mods? Youtube videos? DLC, future updates, even Realms? Today, one question was definitively put to rest: the question about whether Youtubers would still be allowed to monetize their Minecraft videos, series, and parodies. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said it quite clearly:

This hopeful message shines a positive light on the future of the game, suggesting that Microsoft is both aware of what has made Minecraft so insanely popular, and willing to stay the course, to keep the game as it is, in a way everyone is familiar with. So, if you were holding off on uploading any more Minecraft Let’s Plays, parodies, or anything else, wait no more!

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I didn’t know that Sponge is a Youtube Channel :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure they’ll have people whose job it is to interface with the community. If I were them, and I wanted to preserve the rich community surrounding modding and YT, I’d try to make sure I had someone working directly with the big projects and YT’rs. In this way, you could leverage the modders and YT’rs to help launch new features and help connect yourself to the community better.

This could include eliciting help for the Mod/Plugin API, also. I hope someone from MS contacts Sponge soon.

Microsoft knows that the community/YT is a huge factor in what made Minecraft popular. They hopefully know better than to mess with it… lol

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Here is Microsoft’s response to buying Mojang:

They are planning to listen and learn from the community. They are hopping by doing so would help better the game and their company.

I am worried that the “vibe” might be lost within Microsoft. Lets hope it doesn’t.

MicroSoft paid more than Mojang ever made over its entire existence. Mojang did not get bought, they got blown out of the water. Yet noone is curious how MicroSoft’s going to earn their money back? And make a profit in the same process?

I found this funny video that was made a year ago that might clear some things up. Enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some more recent news:

A relevant quote, emphasis added:

“A sequel was suggested by some, but in a new interview, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer says the company must “meet the needs” of the existing Minecraft community before potentially expanding the franchise. He also reminds gamers that the deal has not yet closed (it is expected to by the end of the year) and that Mojang is still in control of the series.”

We are not safe.

only if there is a staff/CEO change again back to someone with ideas similar to the previous CEO that made X-bone a thing (the whole “it’s not just a gaming system, it’s a full entertainment system” thing), however i highly doubt that and Phil Spencer is the opposite, so “Xbox is for games, let’s calm down people” is his thinking as well as the fact he seems to like the community the way it is.

TL;DR we are safe for now