MilspecRefill - Refill plugin used on MilspecSG Servers

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MilSpecRefill is intended to provide an all purpose refillable container solution. Whether you want to create a drop party room for your community, a Public mob spawner system, or refillable chests in questing worlds, MilSpecRefill is the answer.

Current Features:

  • create and name refillable containers (Droppers, Dispensers, Chests)
  • set custom refill timer
  • refill specific container by command
  • refill all refillable containers with single command
  • create drop party containers
  • list all refillable containers
  • update refillable container contents
  • remove refillable container

Planned Features:

  • Custom tiers/item sets for random item spawns in refillable containers
  • Configureable spawn odds for custom tiers


Refillable Inventories:

/msr help

  • Shows all MSRefill commands
  • Permission :

/msr create (name)

  • Creates a refillable inventory (chest, dropper etc)
  • allows for naming the refillable inventory
  • Permission : msrefill.command.create

/msr name (name)

  • Optional : name
  • Set or get the name of a refillable inventory
  • Permission : msrefill.command.setname

/msr time (time in seconds)

  • Sets the time of which the refillable inventory refills
  • Can only be used on a refillably inventory
  • Optional : time(seconds)
  • Permission : msrefill.command.time

/msr refill (name)

  • Refill the inventory of the specified refillable inventory
  • Required : name
  • Permission : msrefill.command.refill

/msr refillall

  • Refill’s all refillable inventories
  • Permission : msrefill.command.refillall

/msr list

  • Shows a list of refilable inventories
  • Permission : msrefill.command.list

/msr update

  • Updates the inventory of a refillable container
  • Permission : msrefill.command.update

/msr remove

  • Removes a refillable inventory
  • Permission : msrefill.command.remove


/msr dplist

  • Shows a list of Drop Party Dropper’s (or infinite droppers)
  • Permission : msrefill.command.list

/msr dp (name)

  • Creates a Drop Party Dropper (or a infinite dropper)
  • Optional : name
  • Permission : msrefill.command.create

/msr dpremove

  • Removes a Drop Party Dropper (or a infinite dropper)
  • Permission : msrefill.command.remove

A new version has been released for MilspecRefill, it is available for download here.

Refill inventories or Create infinite droppers

Mind telling us what you are changing in each upload? Otherwise people dont really have a reason to update to later versions lol

My apologies, The update was to fix some issues with the plugin and get it to a stable version.

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Is there a way to completely disable the timed refill? I’d like to have some droppers that I can just manually refill with /msr refill but I don’t want them to automatically refill as well.

set the time to 0, you can do it with the config or the time command.

A new version has been released for MilspecRefill, it is available for download here.

  • Fixed container and dropper storage thread (they no longer save on the same thread, was causing issues)

A new version has been released for MilspecRefill, it is available for download here.

  • Fixed Container and Dropper saving issues.

Would you consider adding configurable random items with a field for each item’s weight and another field for quantity range?