Minecraft and the EULA

It’s clear that Minecraft have little interest in taking real action against majority of the servers violating the monetization portion of the EULA, so I thought of a new way of doing it that might work better.

  1. Improve the way kids find servers, create a server list that doesn’t suck (unlike curses on the minecraft forum) in order to be listed on the server list, you need to not violate the EULA, among other things, applying for the server list effectively creates an enforceable contract between you and Mojang that you will abide by the monetization restrictions in the EULA.

  2. Do not notify servers of votes from this server list.

  3. Allow reviews and prioritise showing reviews made by friends, or maybe just an indicator that a friend has played on this server before.

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A server list built-in makes Mojang responsible for kids joining a nazi server.

Just blacklist and maybe sue folks violating the terms and immorally profiting from children.

He didn’t say anything about an in-game list, I thought he meant a better server list website?

Either or, but yes the idea would be to create a “moral” server list funded by Mojang who have interests in keeping the game less exploitative, unlike the current server lists who make tons of advertising revenue.