Minecraft Forge mod checker Plugin Suggestion

Hello everyone, i want to suggest this plugin [Forge mod Checker] that will Check Every User Forge mods before they logged in to the server (like checking both of forge mods that were installed in The server and in The User Installed Forge mods), if User doesn’t have Forge mods that were installed in the server then he will get kicked from the server. This will be helpful for modded server and This will decrease percentage of minecraft crashing because the mods that installed in the server couldn’t be found on User Installed Forge mods.

if this suggestion has been planned on Sponge itself then never mind :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sorry for my bad grammar, i hope you Understand)

This is already standard forge behavior


To clarify more about what @disconsented said, Forge is responsible for kicking clients if they don’t have the required mods, but Sponge is not Forge, and does not intend to kick players for not having Forge. Sponge purposefully waited for Forge’s 1.8 release because they intend to allow non-modded clients to connect to Forge servers, however, I do suspect Forge will retain some mechanic that will disconnect users if they don’t have required mods, rather than optional mods.

There is no need to implement such a feature into Sponge itself because Sponge doesn’t require client mods. Like Bukkit, it’s intended to reflect a vanilla server if no plugins are added onto Sponge, and is intended primarily for server side modification (albeit I suppose it could interface with mods easier than Bukkit).

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