Minecraft is still Single-Threaded?

Hi guys, Minecraft is still Single-Core?
If yes that means that i don’t need my 6 core cpu 2.6GHz but i need a faster cpu?
There are a way to allocate more cpus?

Minecraft has been multi-threaded for a long long time. When people say that it’s “Single Core” What they really mean, is that the bulk of the main game is run on a single thread, so it generally thrashes your single core performance.

Additionally Sponge adds Multithreaded - Async Lighting which lightens the load massively for world generation (especially jungle). You won’t gain advantage of this unless you at least have a second available core, I believe you can customize the amount of cores it uses in the configs somewhere. @blood ?

Additionally, you may be running other things on the server, your website, a bungee proxy, another server, your operating system, that all would benefit from multiple cores, so it isn’t as cut and dry as people say.

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I use this server just for Minecraft. If i have more cores i pay more (Around 20$ every cores), So if it had the single thread it would be better to put 2 core and pay 80$ less…
Instead if sponge has the multi thread I would like to understand how to activate it and how to set how many core to use…

As a cost vs performance ratio you would be better off using probably 2-3 cores, regardless of configuration.

This is largely based off gut instinct and not measuring, so as per all perf questions if it matters, measure it.

There is a new implementation of sponge coming out called Lantern. This is recoded from the ground up of the minecraft server. I belive that it will be able to take advantage of multiple cores more then the original minecraft server code. So when that gets in a stable position (it maybe now). Then consider that.

Using 6 core and 16 GB of RAM allocated to a Pixelmon server, the CPU usage is between 30-45% and the memory between 30-40% (1 player online, flying at speed 10).
TPS remains fixed at 20, but MS go up to 10-15ms from 2ms.
If there are more players I think the values will increase…

Lantern is a great project, but it’s not going to be ‘minecraft’ any time soon, and won’t support mods that also support forge.

It’s a fun awesome project and would be pretty good for custom engine minigames, but just handing out recommendations without admins knowing what they are getting themselves in for is a bit much.