Minecraft - Pixelmon mods

I’m looking for a developer who could create 4-5 modes for my server. The server is Pixelmon Reforge (current version).

I will only list which mods I would need, for more information on what exactly a mod should be able to handle, I would then like to solve with dev on discord. Depending on what he can handle. And yes, I know some similar ones already exist, but they don’t suit me or they are not authorized for free redesign.
For more information, or for any questions, please contact me on discord Sora97#1297 , I do not respond much on the forum.

The estimated price is around 150 - 300$ - but in the end it can be completely different (bigger), depending on the skills of the developer.

I need these mods:

  1. Censorship
  2. Pokebuilder
  3. Something like Illegals mod notification for staff (both in the game and the ability to connect with a discord)
  4. Lookup / rollback mod
  5. Possibility to redo item for changing Pokemon properties (ivs / evs / Shiny / nature etc)

I just emphasize, I know that for example, for Sponge there is already a Rollback mod, but I need a more complex mod, with more features, the same for others. Therefore, please, who would handle it and would be interested, please contact me at the discord, where we will talk about more details.

We’re still looking for someone who can do it. The main one is the rollback and looking mod.