Minecraft Windows 10 Edition & Sponge

I wonder with Minecraft Windows 10 edition out there. People are all thinking that it will replace modding. Modding will be no longer possible unless Microsoft/Mojang does something to allow it. Will sponge stay on Java Minecraft or will it possible move over to McWin10 Edition? Modding is too important for them to drop and this may never replace Java Minecraft. McWin10 Edition is supposed to be cross platform and maybe so you can have an Xbox like atmosphere across more platforms. Java Minecraft could be a modding version while McWin10 Edition is like Xbox, without mods and completely vanilla. No mods really on McPe it only seems right that modding won’t be gone. That seems to be their choices. What do you all think about all this. There are a few other topics on other sites like Reddit and Minecraft Forums. What do you all think?

It’s possible, but I believe it’s highly unlikely that Sponge is gonna do that sort of thing without actual support for modding from Microsoft, and seeing how Microsoft is, I don’t think they’re gonna add support for modding.

Without explicit support, it’s pretty much a guessing game at modifying compiled C/C++ code.

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I feel like Microsoft is reinventing the wheel here as far as the Windows 10 edition goes.

Mojang has has stated (don’t know where, I think on Reddit) that Win10 will not replace Java unless they find a way to support mods.

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Even if it did support mods what about Mac and Linux users?

Mac and Linux both can run C++. If Mojang cares enough, they can totally port it to those platforms (in fact, MC++/Win10/PE has already been ported to Linux (Pi edition) and sort-of-OSX (iOS)).

You have a point there. I still don’t see it. I like C++ and the performance alone is enough to make people want it, but still seems like a lot of wasted effort. I mean how many times do you need to re-write Minecraft before it becomes redundant?

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If so, most of the effort has already been wasted. Also, another BIG advantage of a unified MC (presumably the C++ one, but this would also apply if Mojang somehow ported PC to all platforms) is cross-platform multiplayer and reduction of effort for Mojang (implementing every feature once instead of 3 times). If this was before MCPE was a thing, maybe it would be more sensible to get MC PC to run on mobile then improve its performance (Is is possible to run Java on iOS? I don’t think so.) However, now that we have multiple versions it makes sense to unify.

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Again, excellent point. I forgot about iOS, I’m not an Apple fan so not sure what goes on there. Unity would be nice.

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MC:Win10 is a MC:PE fork and thus it ran on Linux (-> Android) in the first place. :wink:

The codebase of MC:PE and all forks just has better optimizations and seems to be written a tad better, which results in way better performance than java-MC. I’d love to see Mojang improve the java-MC codebase with better OpenGL support (Vulcan anyone?) and a port to LWJGL 3. But i’m not sure if that’ll happen soon…

Exactly. They will never replace Minecraft without modding support. Modding support could mean the modding community changes to allow mods on other platforms. A unified minecraft is something I can really look forward to. I believe it is not wasted effort to make nice changes to minecraft. Unified minecraft could mean updates come faster. Updates on one platform don’t have to be performed on another. All the devs can work on one unified minecraft bringing together many different minecraft players. Java minecraft was great but seemed to always be ahead. Mods allowed new blocks and many other cool things and plugins allowing servers to run better with many little features. These were only on one edition of minecraft Java. If they implemented this on all minecraft platforms it would mean nice things for many players. Slowly letting Java minecraft die is the best thing for them to do once they think its a good time for it. It would allow slow adjustment and Java minecraft to be abandoned. This may never happen though. Java minecraft may just co-exist with the unified minecraft. That is what I think could be a possibility. A lot of this is based on what I have collected from a bit of research around reddit, minecraft forums, and this little news site that showed a reaction to McWin10 edition to minecraft and why people are afraid of it.

Its insanely difficult to mod the win 10 edition because every update the offsets will have to be updated. Unless the developers make an api for it, all were going to continue seeing is win 10 mods that “place a block” or “make this block bouncy” etc because of how difficult it is.

Updating mods is COMPLETELY normal. The community is used to that. The different programming language will be hard on developers though. The devs are planning on making it just as moddable as Java minecraft. That may mean changes. An api seems to be where they would put the mythical Plugin API. Java minecraft will never see that light I can say. They have promised it for so long it seems to be forgotten and not talked about. This is where they can build an api. For new minecraft. A minecraft 2 type of thing. It could be Minecraft 2.0 because it is a whole new version of minecraft. It just seems to make sense. So people who make Forge and Sponge and Spigot don’t have to update and I guess the api will have big changes anyway so the devs can make an API and those 3rd parties don’t have to. It all seems to just make sense now.

You’re missing the point: it is MUCH harder to tinker with C++ code than Java code. It would be much harder to create/update something like MCP, Forge, Sponge for MC++.