Minimap blocker

Hey guys,

does anybody know a Minimap blocker plugin / mod?
If not: Is there somebody outthere who can and will create something like that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

So a plugin that detects that a player is using a minimap mod? This won’t be possible because there’s nothing a server can for sure detect. Although the forge client sends a list of installed mods to the server, this isn’t safe. Another forge mod could simply change that outgoing list and therefore make the minimap mod invisible for the server.

If you want to prevent that the player can see many chunks around them, you would have to reduce the view distance in the server properties.

To make using xray difficult try this plugin.

Most of the modders provide flags in their map tools to help servers, disabling them if they are forbidden on a server.

And maybe a simple blocker that detects the entry in the client list just to have it.

Just 2 examples:

Although that may be true, one could simply edit the mod and remove that flag system. Sure we could write a plugin to block some map plugins with flags, and some in the list, but chances are, there are at least some map plugins out there that wouldn’t be blocked, and it would be trivial to “hack” the mod and remove the flags, or as @simon816 said, to edit the list of mods. The only 100% guaranteed way to restrict minimaps is to remove information from the client… by decreasing the view distance.

Using ModBlock for now.

Xaeros minimap can be blocked/configured using one of my first sponge plugin: BetterPvP 1.0

You can on the server side configure what can be enabled/disabled.

I use a mod called HyperModBanner, it is a Pixelmon Plugin found at where you can find this plugin. You can edit in the config keywords, which mods are banned from the server! Just enter mini and map in it and you’re good

This won’t help either, see this post.

Better than nothing I use ModBanner for now.