Mixins MC Gui Not Rendering Correctly

I’m trying to use Mixins in my ForgeGradle project but I’ve come upon some strange issues.

I’m on version 1.8.9 and I’m following this to setup Mixins: Mixin Docs

The issue is that the loading and main menu gui for the game is messed up.

Loading Gui

Main Menu Gui




Excuse me if I’m doing anything blatant, I’m new to MC modding and Mixins

Did it work before trying to use Mixin?

I’ve had a similar issue before. I think it was due to ForgeGradle not copying the assets. Usually running gradle clean setupDecompWorkspace fixes it.

Hello, thanks for the response. Sadly running that command didn’t change anything. If I did anything wrong:

Open Intellij’s Gradle tab
Execute Gradle Task
Paste and run the command
Run MC

hmm, you may need to run the idea task after setupDecompWorkspace so: clean setupDecompWorkspace idea

Hmm, still nothing has changed