MMCRules [1.2] - Force players to read and accept the rules


Any chance this will get new features? :smiley:


I have been meaning to update / add stuff to my plugins for a while, unfortunately i have just been way too busy lately but it seems to be slowing down now. I do plan on adding some of the suggestions from the posts above but cannot give any specific time frame.


how do you add rules and links to /rules i really want to know. But the looks of the pictures this will be a very helpful mod to a server.


All you do is edit the config file in the MMCRules folder. Once you add some rules like the example pictures in the first post you can then do /sponge plugins reload and it will apply the changes.


New version


Much love for this <3

Thank you!


Another suggestion @leelawd93 ! Some new players tend to not read, in fact, many skip the first join messages. Is it possible to have a chat message spam them every x seconds (or action broadcast to them only) until they read and accept the rules?


I agree with @SnowBlitzz.

I would also love to see integration with plugins such as LuckPerms. For example, a user starts out as the rank of New User. When they accept the rules, they get auto-promoted to Adventure. So it’s clear who has accepted the rules and who haven’t. @leelawd93


I apologise for the lateness of this reply.

You can already do this within the current config by using the console commands section.


I will try that out. Thank you!