MMCRules [1.2] - Force players to read and accept the rules


This plugin is designed to force users to read and accept the rules of the server before being able to do certain actions. (configurable)

This plugin features bStats



  • Configurable restrictions for not accepting the rules
  • Configurable feedback messages
  • Reset a single player or everyone to accept the rules again
  • Option to teleport a player after accepting the rules


  • mmcrules.commands.settp - Set the teleport location for when a player accepts the rules
  • mmcrules.commands.reset - Force a player to read and accept the rules again
  • mmcrules.commands.resetall - Force all players to read and accept the rules again
  • mmcrules.commands.acceptfor - Accept the rules for a player


  • /rules
  • /acceptrules
  • /mmcrules settp
  • /mmcrules reset (player)
  • /mmcrules resetall
  • /mmcrules acceptfor (player)

Example of /rules

Default message for when a player attempts to build before accepting rules (in enabled)





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Great plugin! I was wondering if it was possible to support links though? I have put a rules summary on /rules but have a more detailed version on our website which I’d like to link them to, if they’re interested in reading.

Ill look into it :slight_smile:


  • Option to display a header above the rules in /rules




@SnowBlitzz Im sure this will fit your needs, You can now display text above the rules, which can send users to a URL when clicked :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll try it out

Should add some screenshots to the OP post displaying what this looks like. Cheers.

Just went and did this, thanks for suggesting :smiley:

Could this be a full replacement for “Rules Agreement”?

Interesting, It doesn’t work in the same way but it is the same principle.

If there is anything you would personally like to see added, put it on the github issues page and i will see what i can do.

I would just like to see see “Accept” and the “Deny” Buttons / Links.

Hello, there seems to be a problem if i use the {player} thing in console command

Could you send me a copy of your config for this error?

Try surrounding it with " " , Im assuming that being a json type format file, it is confusing the { } for something it isnt

You mean “{player}”? Or the whole command “lp blah blah {player}”

For the entire line: “blah blah {player} blah blah”

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Hey I was wondering if there’s a way to make the players invisible until they accept the rules?

Since I had them set to not be able to move until they accept, there are times when there’s 2 people joining at once and that kinda blocks the view for both of them.

That’s a cool idea, ill look into it, shouldn’t be too hard to achieve :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks for considering it xD

This is very nice and i would defently use it however it lack 2 features who could be awesome to have.

Feature 1: Move the player to a usergroup when he type /acceptrules
Feature 2: being able to make command aliases so you could have multiple commands to execute /rules. i am danish and would like to have it as /regler instead of /rules :wink: