MMCTickets [2.0.2] - A simple real time tickets system


This is a simple to use real time ticket system. This allows servers to manage their players issues efficiently and easily.

This plugin features bStats



This is a beta plugin at the moment, Please report any issues to the issues page on github! Thanks!


  • Configurable messages
  • Configurable notifications for open tickets
  • Players are able to see and close their own tickets if the issue is resolved without staff help


Click here for Permissions list


  • /ticket - returns full help page based on what permissions you have
  • /ticket read/check - display a list of all open tickets
  • /ticket read/check closed - display a list of all closed tickets
  • /ticket read/check held - display a list of all held tickets
  • /ticket read/check self - display a list of all tickets that has been created by yourself
  • /ticket read/check (ticketID) - display more details about a ticket - a player with the self permission can see their own ticket
  • /ticket open (message) - open a new ticket
  • /ticket close (ticketID) (optional: comment) - close a ticket with a comment
  • /ticket hold (ticketID) - Put a ticket on hold
  • /ticket reopen (ticketID) - reopen a closed or held ticket
  • /ticket teleport (ticketID) - teleport to where a ticket was created
  • /ticket assign (ticketID) (name) - assign a specific person to a ticket
  • /ticket claim (ticketID) - claim a ticket, telling the user and staff you are working on it
  • /ticket unclaim (ticketID) - unclaim a ticket, telling the user and staff you are no longer working on it
  • /ticket ban (player) - ban someone from being able to open tickets
  • /ticket unban (player) - unban someone from being to open tickets
  • /stafflist - display a list of all online staff members (staff must have the permission to appear on this list)


  • /modreq = /ticket open
  • /check = /ticket read/check




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I have now got a github page up for this. Please bare in mind that the code is still a mjaor WIP and might change.

Any feedback is still very much appreciated.

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This should be ready for a beta release soon. for now though, here is a look at what the GUI currently looks like

Open tickets are in descending order so you see the oldest tickets first.
Closed tickets are in ascending order so you see the latest closed tickets first.

There is also a comments section for closing tickets, if a player has the permission to view their own tickets, they will be able to see these comments which is especially useful if their ticket was handled while they were offline.

Nice, I like your idea, do you think you will be eable to handle the tickets via inventory gui? or will you just let is on chat?

It is possibly something i could work on at some point in the future, but for now it will only be in chat.

I will put it on my future plans list though.

Nice, I wish you a good work

I have put my first version of this up on Ore

This is still a beta version and may contain bugs that i have missed.

#Update v1.0


  • Comment cmd now works
  • Comment is now shown even if issue is open

I believe these are the last issues at this moment, So i am moving from beta to full release.

Amazing plugin, but I do have a issue. I would like to use the plugin to give me notifications about donations, bans and other in-game actions. A example would be: A player does a donation, console makes a ticket that gives information about the donation and says what kind of rewards need to be given.

I tried this but sadly console cannot make the ticket since a playername needs to be connected to the ticket. Any chance you could add some kind of command to allow console to make the ticket?

Command could be something like "/ticket openconsole " and would not include the “player” position. Would be lovely if something like this could be possible so we can use console to create auto tickets for actions.

I just updated it to allow the console to open them using the normal command, it should also not display the position stuff if it was opened by the console.

Wow, that was a very fast reply. I wasn’t expecting that. I just tested the updated version in-game and it works perfect! Thank you!

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In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: leelawd93 / MMCTickets