Mob problems

Hello, I have some problem with mobs in my 1.12 sponge server. I have big lags on server
1/100 players in server
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Zeron RPG - its my plugin. BLocked some mobs in world

Is rpgtest the ID of your plugin? Because it seems to be the source of your lags.

If it is your plugin, you may want to take a look at the Spark plugin - it should help you figure out where in your code the lag is.

rpgtest - its RPG world (with npcs, quests)

My plugin does blocking entity in world (in rpgtest I blocked mo’creatures and vanila mobs)

I do not think this is my plugin

Make a backup of your server and temporary remove your plugin to check whether it’s related to or not, because there is definitely something wrong with the entities in both rpgtest and son worlds. Also using Spark could be a good idea to give us more details even if it’s related to your plugin or not.

DrZhark’s CustomSpawner represents ~ 43 % of the total tick time and Sponge’s TrackingUtil (entities and tile entities in this case) represents ~ 32 %. My theory is that DrZhark’s CustomSpawner try to spawn new entities that your plugin cancels so it try again and again … causing the server to lag. This explains both DrZhark’s CustomSpawner and Sponge’s TrackingUtil tick time. You should take a look at DrZhark’s CustomSpawner sources to check whether it’s true or not. And open an issue on his github page if it is. Also, use the latest version of SpongeForge (not necessarily the recommend one), there have been optimizations recently.

I really can not understand what the problem is. This is definitely not Custom NPCs 100%.
Any tips?

Did you read my message ? I’m sure it’s caused by the interactions between DrZhark’s CustomSpawner and your plugin.

I delete my plugin and its not help me…

That’s strange, rerun the profiler, maybe the problem has changed. Also, did you tried removing CustomSpawner? (Backup your world before)

I delete custom mob spawner and its not help me… What I must do now?
0 players 6 hours, no custom mob spawners and 14 tps

Did you rerun the profiler?

I found the reason for the lag, it’s mod Custom NPCs. But I cant delete this mod. Its main mod of my server.
write a sense to the creator of the mod is not, because he will say that this is the fault of the sponge. What should I do?

Then ask him why it’s our fault and we will fix that if it’s the case.

I talked to the creator of fashion but he cant help me. He dont know what is wrong.
and now I’m not sure that it is Custom NPCs mod.
0 players on server: