Mob spawn config tool

Good day,

I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a tool that can help control mob spawning of vanilla and mod mobs. I know of two, but, with all due respect, are lacking in many ways or simply do not work very well:
CustomMobSpawner (for example: has trouble with structure specific spawning)
JustAnotherSpawner (which hasn’t seen love since 1.7.10)

Any thoughts or suggestions? Is there a spawn config mod or plugin that I should try?

Thank you!

If you’re still looking for this, I might give it a shot tonight.

Hello there,

Thank you for the reply. I still have not found anything that is very good. I anticipate that it is a difficult and complex thing to do. Thank you for looking into it.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing how you may solve this issue.

It actually really isn’t for a basic implementation. Just catch mob spawn events before they happen and cancel them.