Mobile version issue (Solved)

On the mobile version the SPlogo /community link does not take you back to the main forums page in fact it does nothing atm.

Edit: sorry post was made from phone.
Using Android V4.1.2 system with default browser.
I waited 10 seconds after pressing the button with no changes. However the issue did not occur with chrome as the browser.

Solution, will use chrome to access the forums.

(The light blue light is the selection box when I keep pressing)

Works fine on android. Meaby it could be helpful to give some more information about your system. OS, browser,…

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It does. Just wait 10 seconds.
My mobile os: Windows phone 8.1 with internet explorer

What’s your os/browser?

Added stats in the original post sorry was on mobile and was being lazy when i posted.

Oh my god, another Windows Phone user! There are dozens of us, dozens!

Chromium on LUbunut :wink: