Mod/Plugin Suggestions

I have a few suggestions for the modpack, and the testing server.

JourneyMap - Quality of life, all survival modpacks need a minimap!
Morpheus - Quality of life, sleep voting.
An Essentials plugin - Quality of life, homes.

FastLeafDecay - This increases the tick rate on decaying leaves, quality of life, but also will be interesting to see how this works with a sponge server.

Psi - This is just a fun mod I want.
Dynamic Surroundings - I just really love this.

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JourneyMap is not for servers, but actually for clients. You should make it into JourneyMapServer or Dynmap.

Client side only. We will probably add it in the next update.

Server only, we most likely will have it.

May add this but we will look at other alternatives first.

Will look into it to see if its worth having.

I have to check but I think we have this on Test Server 2 for Resonant Rise 4. Most likely getting added.

Will have to see if its worth having.

We will not be adding plugins or mods because they are cool. They must provide a function and be practical.

Suggestion: [Updatifier] (GitHub - FlibioStudio/Updatifier: Easy to use update checking for Sponge plugins)