Modded clients back then VS Modded clients now

Continuing the discussion from Client mods analyzer:

I decided to create a new topic to prevent the last one from being off-topic. For those joining, this is about how the times has changed and client mods which use to be promoted by most servers are now treated as “Witch Craft! Banish it!! Kill it with Fire!!!”.

And now it continues below:

The trends are changing, more “client” developers are using reflection and byte-code replacement. They also keep them more private. There are less “clients” out there that are free, and even less that are actually on the market than there was years ago.

I remember for the longest time playing on the classic version (it was free) and the server I played on was heavily modded to be more like the payed version at the time.

Seeing how older clients were more meant to enhance the experience, many servers fear clients now due to the amount of greifing that can be done. As greifing teams grew, more servers became fearful of clients due to how they had abilities to do much more than the average player.

Currently greifing teams are on the die now as security on servers is tight, so tight that some of them can mistake a vanilla client for a modded one due to the player’s intervention.

It’s not that security is tight. It’s that people keep getting more and more reasons to quit this game. I personally am questioning it since Microsoft bought it, waiting to see which way they’ll bring us.

I’m semi-certain that for most mods there will be a way to require it, but there will also almost certainly be a way to circumnavigate it by either having false mods that mimic the required one, or having mods that hide themselves from querying.

Since Sponge is a forge mod, will be easy to force users to download a mod/modpack if they want to play.
I don’t know if this is the point, but i’m just saying…

As a server owner i certainly know how other people feel about not liking modded clients. My server rules allow modded clients as long as it doesn’t give a player an unfair advantage. I keep the standard NoCheat plugins on my server to try to keep it fair but there are players who get right past that and if I didn’t have any moderators watching the server they would probably get away with cheating.