Modded Server - Item Ban Help

Hi guys,

I’m trying to ban certain items that are available in FTB revelation 3.2.0 such as chunkloaders and the quarry/turtle miner.

However, I want to ban the turtle miner and the quarry only in the overworld, but at the same time allowing them to be crafted so that they can be used in the mining world only.

I’ve tried MMCRestrict but it does not have per world bans

(I’m using LuckPerms and have removed FTB utilities from my server)

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Sadly, the same old adage that comes with sponge now. Youll need something custom, youll need to pay a dev for it, etc. etc. because there isnt a wide plugin pool on sponge.

Most modpacks come with a mod called CraftTweaker, it’s a mod which uses scripts to edit recipes etc, it’s what I use to disable recipes for things I want to ban, feel free to shoot me a message on Discord if you need help with it. yepidoodles#5971

~ Alex