ModularWiki - A modular JSON based wiki plugin for Sponge

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A modular JSON based wiki plugin for Sponge.

Basic JSON configuration

        "id": "some_wiki",
        "name": "Wiki Sample",
        "permission": "wiki.admin",
        "description": [
            "another_wiki|Some description line with click actions to open another wiki. The click action is set by starting the line with the ID of another wiki, followed by a vertical line",
            "Another line without click actions",
            "This wiki is only visible to players with the wiki.admin permission"
        "id": "another_wiki",
        "name": "Another Sample",
        "hide": true,
        "description": [
            "This wiki will not appear in the list",
            "But it will open using the click action on the first line of 'Wiki Sample'"


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A new version has been released for ModularWiki, it is available for download here.

Initial release including :

  • JSON based configuration
  • List overview for non-hidden wiki’s
  • Permission based wiki’s
  • Click-through actions on description lines
  • Basic formatting using native character coding
  • Share functionality

I downloaded the jar and copy and pasted your config into mine but when I press view I get the message that this is not a command
Also btw the new version link doesn’t work
Thank you so much for making this! I think its a great idea and cant wait to get it working

Can you send me your latest.log on Discord (never share logs on public forums :wink: )? My tag is @Diggy#0001.
The link (and post) is automatically generated by Ore, you can get the latest version from the Versions tab any time


Hi, I’m having a problem where whenever I click “View” on a wiki it says “Cannot find command for modularwiki:wiki …”. Any ideas why?

@BumbleBee Can you send your logs on Discord? My tag is @Diggy#0001

I’m having the same issue. Please help.

I can’t add you because it says you aren’t accepting friends, Mine is BumbleBee#8426. I manage to fix it by changing the id in @Plugin to “modularwiki” instead of “modwiki” - or I guess changing the command the [View] text runs to “/modwiki:wiki” would have been better if you don’t want to change config files :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you upload the source code for this?