🤑 Lottery 🤑

Oh, I simply forgot to upload it, I’ll fix it soon! Sorry :joy:

I just saw that I uploaded the jar but there was a red warning sign. Never mind, I reuploaded the jar.

Can you add a auto broadcast that owners can setup how often they want it to broadcast our just one every 10 minutes saying something like Lottery is now open use /lottery buy (amount) to get tickets current pot is at {amount}!

I’ll add that soon™™™™™™™™™™.

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##v0.2.2 released!
The changelog is on the above linked page.

@Karagra_Gaming That’s for you, look in the freshly generated config.

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Thank you for this! Works amazing.

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Quite a big error. Players can do /lottery buy -10000 to buy tons of tickets and it doesn’t even take their money.

Thanks for reporting it! I’ll fix that.

##v1.0 released!

@IBG_Nova Fixed!

This plugin will now be released and should be safe for use.

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Needs a way to show when the drawing will be as a variable.
Also, some explanation behind the messages would be nice.

How do you want to have the variable provided?
The messages are standard Sponge TextTemplates, I know they look chaotic. I am planning to develop an easier system but for now you have to get along with it. Sorry.

Lottery draw in [3 hours]. {draw}.

Ok, I am going to develop a new system for text templates. Until that, I won’t add that new message you proposed. But thanks for your suggestions!

This error is thrown in console when a user tries to by a ticket. (Latest Version)

##v1.1 released!
The changelog can be found on the above page.

@IBG_Nova This fixes your crash.


Thanks for reporting! I’ll look into it.

Does this work on Sponge API 5.0?

I don’t think it will work. You can try it anyway. I’ll update the plugin soon.

Cool deal =) Thanks!