🤑 Lottery 🤑


Ive been running API5. Its worked alright.
./lottery info doesn't work, but other then that its good.


On API 5.1 with version 1.1 when I buy a ticket the lottery draws after 5-10 seconds, I tried changing the duration but its still the same


Does this only happen on api 5.1? And what duration value is in the config?


P1D it was PT4H before


Thanks for reporting, I'll investigate this!


v1.2 released!

The changelog can be found on the downloads page.

@Gershon I can't reproduce the crash you posted here earlier and the drawInterval = P1D works correctly. Do you have any special setups?


No, but i'll update to API 5 version and see if it still happens



Could you please try SpongeVanilla?


Request: Have a way to mail all players who entered into the lottery who won. Not all people are on when the winner is drawn, and wonder who had won. Also, lets the player the won know he won.
Have like a configured message.

Also, on my version, /lottery info doesn't work.
Error in console:

I'm on:



I'll think about how to implement your request in a good way.
Thanks, I'll fix the crash.


I sadly can't reproduce the crash. @Gershon seemed to report the same error: https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/money-mouth-lottery-money-mouth/13318/36?u=randombyte.
Could you please send the full server log(startup fresh server with this plugin and economy plugin, execute lottery info).


All commands seem to be not working now


It might be an issue with @Flibio 's economy lite.


Try using totaleconomy
no issues here


I've fixed the issue in the EconomyLite v2.5.1, I apologize for creating this issue with the Lottery plugin.


This error prints in chat when we use /lottery info


It possible to add the function to run a command upon a successful win?

And to be able to have multiple stored lotteries that can be initiated with their own command?
As an eg /lottery run lottery1, /lottery run lottery2


I don't see the need for more than one lottery. Could you elaborate?

I'll see if MultiScripts is cool when it is released or create an own little plugin to execute commands when events like the lottery draw happen.


More to merge with the conjunction of having commands ran.

A food lottery, equipment lottery, blah blah blah.
Or having a pool where a prize is drawn from - weighted config options or such.

Just a few thoughts to open up the plugin and have it be more variable for people ^_^