More Worlds Plugin?

Hi there. So my friend and I have been playing minecraft RPG games for awhile on our own private server for awhile now and not too long ago we decided to upgrade to a modded server to add more fun stuff. We use multiple worlds to play these rpg’s so I added the sponge plugin Project Worlds. At first it took forever to figure it out but I was able to successfully add a few more worlds we needed. A few months after that we accidentally forgot to pay for our server and it got erased. I started over and now I cant get the “Project Worlds” sponge plugin to work, Its just really buggy and the creator doesn’t respond to any of my support tickets. I was wondering if there were any other sponge plugins or ways of getting more worlds onto my modded forge server? My friend and I really need them in order to play fun RPG’s. Thanks. :slight_smile:

The plugin Nucleus handles multiworld quite well. Give that a try.

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