Move Structure from Spigot server to sponge server

Title says everything.
I have a structure which I want to move from a spigot server to my other sponge server.

Any idea how to do it?

Obviously don’t suggest rebuilding it or changing the server to sponge/spigot

If you have worldedit on the spigot server then you could just save the structure as a schematic file. After that boot the sponge server with the created schmatic file and worldeditForge or worldeditSponge and then load the schmatic file and paste it in.

Thats how I would do it


Spigot world can also be imported in Sponge, then you can use worldedit without using schematics. This can save you some time if you have many many structures to move.

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If you do import the world, make sure it’s a copy. Sponge will change the ordering of Bukkit worlds to more closely match vanilla / forge.