Moving from Bukkit

I’m moving from Bukkit and would like to ask to help with some plugins (mods) that I search.
I have used this plugins (mod) and I search a replace for Forge or Sponge 1.19.3:

  • Statistics (statistic about player and server)
  • Minecart (from carts created a easy cart system)
  • MobRewards (after killing a mod you get rewards)
  • MobArena (Arena when you fight agains the Mobs and get rewards for winning fights)

Thanks for help.

So there is one big issue with your question.

There is no sponge forge for 1.19.3 (and will never be, its skipping 1.19.3 for 1.19.4). While there is sponge vanilla for 1.19.3 you will find that no plugin is designed for it (although most labelled for api 8 will work).

The other issue is sponge 1.16.5 (api 8) is still relatively new so plugins are still being ported/made for the platform. But ill have a go.

All my suggestions will come from the official sponge plugins website known as Ore


This is too broad of a question. Are there specific statistics you want? Or just for the minecraft built in statistics to be shown?


Once again too broad of a question. Is this a train like plugin or a plugin that creates a track from one station to another automatically?

Mob rewards

There are a few for 1.12.2 (API 7) but none have been ported to 1.16.5 yet. You may want to request a plugin to be made or the feature to be added on using #plugins:plugin-requests but also what is this reward? Items or something like money?


Same as before. 1.12.2 has options … 1.16.5 not yet

All of these are likely to change over time where you will have more options. Sorry i couldnt give a better response but maybe there are mods out there that can help for the time being?

Hi @MoseMister ,

I have looked deeper and found that Forge is 1.19.3 but Sponge has recommended version 1.12.2 so I need to use this version. I try to find needed plugins on ORE but doesn’t had many luck for the asked one.

And is possible to recommend me also any good like Essential plugin?

I have used plugin which shows Server, World, Player and many more, but it will be enough when I find one which show basic statistics about Server, World and Players.

For me is enough to have the possibility to ride in the build in cars with some basic automatic, but the train looks good too.

Mob Rewards:
Do you know any plugin which can do it even for the 1.12.2?

Do you know any Arena where is possible to fight as a challenge against the Mobs even for 1.12.2?

Thanks for any help and directing.

1.12.2 isnt the newest sponge forge, as mentioned before thats 1.16.5. but if your happy with 1.12.2 then i can answer some of your questions.

Essentials plugin

Nucleus. Its been the goto standard on sponge for years. It sadly got cancelled before 1.16.5 was stable. But the 1.12.2 version is still the best thing out there. Having all the commands a bukkit essentials would (plus a few more)


I still dont know what stats you want? World tps? Player location? Server ram usage? Im guessing here


I dont think there is a train plugin. I know i started development on one, but it never got released

mob reward

Maybe something like this



Not sure if this can do mob areas. But it could be a case of asking for such feature

Thanks for help.