Moving from Spigot to Sponge

I’m a Developer who until know used the Spigot/Bukkit API to code Plugins for Minecraft Servers.
But now i’m tending to the Sponge API mainly because of the server software itself ,because coding-technically the Spigot API had already enough possibilities and features for me.
Still i want to go over to the Sponge Community i read through the Sponge Docs and the tutorial was very detailed but i’m more an audiovisual guy so i wanted to ask if someone know a good tutorial series for the sponge API
And yes i googled and youtubed :laughing: it but i didn’t find an organized playlists with many episodes
If there is no tutorial or you cannot find one ,you can still give me advices on how the change is from spigot to sponge

The change from Spigot’s API to Sponge is a fairly radical one. Standard Java practices aside, nearly every aspect of the API is different. Mainly because it’s built to handle heavy changes in the Minecraft game with minimal API interference.

Personally, it’s been a bit more than two years since Bukkit died and we started working on Sponge, so I’m quite a bit rusty with the actual API that Spigot uses nowadays so a side-by-side analysis of the differences would be difficult to give you.

The only recommendation I can give you is to thoroughly read the Sponge Docs.


I’ll be honest, I would work on your documentation reading as that is what will get you far. Teams don’t make videos on their APIs, they make documentation to be read and referenced, changed and updated.

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An unfortunate fact about video tutorials on programming is that they’re nearly always inaccurate, whether by the creator’s lack of knowledge or by being out of date. A slight update can be recorded in a document in a little bit of typing and a few clicks; a video can only be updated with a full re-upload, including possibly a full re-recording. Most video authors, therefore, take the easy way out, which is to release a tiny update video which you aren’t guaranteed to watch, or add a correction annotation to the video. The only accurate representation of the API, therefore, is the SpongeDocs and the JavaDocs. Speaking of which, you should also look over the JavaDocs. Just do a few random classes every once in a while (you can skip the DataManipulator classes), and you’ll learn a lot about the API that hasn’t been documented yet. For instance, a lot of people don’t know about BlockVolumeWorkers or WeightedTables.


Thanks to all for your great replies
So i can read through docs and get their meaning but i just wanted a tutorial so i can complete the full learning process but as their no one i will find for sure solution.


Be sure to drop any questions you have on the forums, we’ll be sure to help ya out :slight_smile:

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