[Multi] Area Regeneration plugin & A Alchemy Plugin

Hey, Guys, I Have Two Requests For You, One is Highly Useful, The Other Is For Fun…Hope Someone Can Do atleast The First One…
> Area Regeneration

Hello, Community, I honestly really need this for my server…it is an area regenerator. This would be useful for perhaps quarries, tree farms, etcetera…A more detailed formatted description is below:

#Commands & Perms:
/AreaRegen -- Base command, will open a help menu with available commands, and descriptions (AreaRegen.help)

/AreaRegen create <AreaName> -- creates a new area (AreaRegen.manage.create)

/AreaRegen RegenToCurrent <AreaName> -- Tells the area <name> to regen to its current state, so for example, I grow 12 trees, it will always regenerate 12 trees in the same spot (AreaRegen.regen.current

/AreaRegen SetChangeblock <Block> <AreaName> -- used after a RegenToCurrent, if you want it to target a certain block when using the "ReplaceBlock" command (AreaRegen.regen.ReplaceTarget)

/AreaRegen ReplaceBlock <Blocks(Percentages Supported)> <AreaName> -- Replaces the "ChangeBlock" with whatever is specified...for example I could do "50%stone,1%diamond_ore,49%Coal_ore", and it would replace 50% of the stone with stone, 1% of the stone with diamond ore, and 49% of the stone with coal (AreaRegen.regen.Replaceblocks)

/AreaRegen setdelay <Time(InMinutes)> <AreaName> -- Sets how long before regenning the area (AreaRegen.regen.wait)

#Other Features:

                             Better Alchemy

This plugin could probably be done as a port ( of This), If Not, I want something similar to that please