Multi thread in minecraft server?

Hi, i see that minecraft only supports 1 core, multi thread but also i see that sponge support multi thread. Can sponge support multi thread?

That kind of has a multi-part answer.

Minecraft world manipulation must happen on a single thread. Sponge doesn’t change that.

Sponge does however add in things like async lighting, which makes lighting updates happen off thread.

There are a few more things than that, but the general idea is the same. Sponge is able to make certain parts more multi-threaded, but it is not able to change the fundamental single thread-ness of the game.


Just ro add to d4rkfly3r answer.

The only way to make Minecraft support full async is to rewrite the server from the ground up. There are two projects that I know of that do this however both are not fully stable.

  • LanternPowered (Also runs Sponge plugins)
  • Glowstone (Also runs Bukkit plugins)