MultiChat - The only Bungeecord chat management system for Sponge

MultiChat 1.3.4 is now here!
The essential chat management system for your bungeecord network NOW SUPPORTS SPONGE!

  • Optional Global Chat between all servers
  • Toggle between local and global chat modes
  • Private messaging and replying (with tab completion)
  • Toggle messages to go privately to 1 person or a group of people
  • Mod and Admin chat streams
  • Player group chats that can be made by anyone
  • Configurable chat formats
  • Configurable commands aliases
  • Can also configure which servers are part of the global chat and pms
  • Configurable network join and quit messages
  • Silent join for staff members to bypass the join messages
  • A /helpme command for players to alert staff of any issues on the network
  • Announcements
  • Bulletins
  • ClearChat

The possibilities are endless!

As of 1.3 the plugin information will be found on our github wiki.

BungeeCord does not support IP Forwarding and Forge at the same time. Hence there may be issues with prefixes appearing. This CAN be fixed! Please read this discussion

And hence download this:

This should remedy any issues you have with missing prefixes etc!


The wiki will talk you through installation, configuration and all of the commands and permission nodes and how to use them!


So, being a very new user/developer of Sponge and BungeeCord, I have a few questions.

  1. Does this plugin require BungeeCord to work?

I assumed it was independent but also worked on Bungee, but the configs aren’t showing up in my config folder, or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve helped someone run BungeeCord before, but have never run it myself.

  1. If it does, is there a similar plugin without the Bungee requirement?

  2. If there isn’t a similar one, am I able to setup a single-server Bungee server?

Apologies for the stupid questions, just a bit frazzled by the differences between Spigot and Sponge :frowning:

ALSO, why are all the Discourse Emotes broken?

  1. Yes, sorry about that!

MultiChat is a BungeeCord chat management system which was designed specifically to link and manage the chat streams of multiple servers at once. If you want to only have chat managed locally on one server I am confident there are many plugins designed specifically for this! :slight_smile:

  1. Whoops answered that already, I am pretty sure if you type in “Sponge Chat Plugin” or similar you will find something. These features are often included in “essentials” plugins such as EssentialCmds or Nucleus.

  2. If you can’t find a plugin with the features MultiChat has then yes you definitely can! Just download the latest BungeeCord.jar and create a simple server using the many tutorials avliable online, but then you will just have to briefly lookup how to attatch a Sponge Server to bungeecord as a couple of the Sponge-Side config options are different to spigot. You can then get away with just installing very few plugins on the bungeecord, i.e. only MultiChat if that is what you wanted lol

3.5) Back in the days of Bukkit, it was the main way of running a Minecraft Server with plugins. It acted as an API to the Minecraft Server Jar released by Mojang. Then after they went through a big copyright scandal with an ex-developer (to my knowledge) their project was discontinued. But luckily, a fork from bukkit called “Spigot” existed, which was actually the faster of the two anyway, and this took all of the old users of bukkit. Spigot are also the developers of BungeeCord which is the server software used to link multiple servers. While BungeeCord is designed for Spigot, it can connect any kind of MC server. Sponge is a Minecraft Server API designed more towards modded Minecraft but still allowing users to create plugins etc. It used to be based on Bukkit like Spigot but has since deviated a lot from the original API. It is a competitior to Spigot if you will, but it is 100% compatible with BungeeCord.

  1. I have absolutely no idea, poor emotes :frowning:

Thank you so much for being patient and thoroughly answering my questions! :slight_smile: Rarely see that online anymore. :frowning: I grabbed Nucleus and it’s a little more than I need, but until I can get my own chat plugin working, it will work lol

Thanks again :smiley:

PS: Emotes are working now xD

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Check it out: Revilo / MultiChat