Multiple Parsing Errors | Sponge 1.12.2 2838-7.3.0 | Direwolf20 1.12.2 Pack

While starting my temp server on my PC (using it to get stuff setup), I encountered several instances of a parsing error that seems to involve the advancements system.

Pastebin with the portion of my server log that has the errors: [22:28:28] [Server thread/WARN] [ -

I did some research but I could not find much that related to my problem, I found similar issues and it said something about a mod adding/removing stuff and screwing everything up, but tbh I have no idea and am just looking for some insight. Any questions feel free to let me know and I am looking forward to any help I can get!

Well something is defiantly wrong.

Got a list of the mods and versions your using?

I am using a server download of the Official Direwolf20 1.12.2 pack (Feed the Beast). There is a list of all mods and versions in the mod list for the pack, I am using all default mods (in addition to Sponge).

You may well get the same cascade of warnings even without SpongeForge - see if that is the case. Sometimes mods override advancements / recipes in less than ideal ways, and the string of errors may not actually result in anything wrong in-game. (Harvestcraft used to do this a lot).

One other thing to check… How much memory are you allocating the server (Both in hardware and the JVM).

Having too little memory can sometimes cause strange symptoms like ‘invalid’ files and other stuff.

It also might be worth re-downloading the modpack/sponge in case it accidentally got corrupted or something.

It indeed does have issues while running without sponge, any ideas on what to do, or would that have to be something to contact FTB over?

The main question to ask is, does it cause malfunctions on the server?

You might have problems with mod config files, so you could try re-uploading or regenerating them. But if it’s not SpongeForge at the root of your problems, then you’re best advised to seek help from the mod pack devs.

It does not seem to have an impact on the server, I have some tick issues with the server running behind but that i’m 90% sure is because of my machine being a bit slow. I will get in touch with the modpack authors and see what they think and do some more googling lol. I appreciate the help!

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