Multiple plugin requests!

I’m changing my server system from Bukkit to SpongeForge and I noticed that there’s no corresponding Forge or Sponge versions for couple of plugins I need for my server.

I’ve done some research and asked from couple of places and I was told that my best option is to ask here if someone is interested to port these plugins. So if anyone is interested, there’s couple of plugins waiting to be ported.

Plugin requests:

  • WorldBorder
    I love this plugin because of it’s unique world generation functions. There’s apparently no other plugins/mods which can do the same miracles than this one. I’ll need port of this mainly because of round world border and pre-generation. If this will be fully ported it’ll be best day of this year so far.

  • Giant Trees
    This is very beutiful plugin, this is not so mandatory as the WorldBorder but this would be very nice to be seen on the server, mainly because this was one of my server’s “trademarks”.

I’ll update the list later if I forgotted to mention something.

For the first case of WorldBorder, there are actually a few plugins which can handle the borders and the generation features of the plugin. The essentials plugin Nucleus if you are using that has some great border and generation functionality that has been highly tested. If you are using a different essentials plugin or not looking to use one at all, you can check out Project Borders which is a plugin with just border and generation functionality built in. Unfortunately neither of these support circular borders due to them both utilizing Minecraft’s built-in border functionality, but that works for most people.

You are correct though that there is no Giant Trees equivalent at the moment, so sorry about that. There are some interesting Forge mods focused on generation that could be worth considering though such as Realistic Terrain Generation or the Biome Bundle which relies on the TerrainControl mod but that has had some issues and the mod is not really updated much anymore.

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I can’t use Nucleus or others because they can NOT create a round map, that’s why I asked for the port. So actually there’s zero mods like WorldBorder…

I liked TerrainControl and Biome Bundle but because TerrainControl does not use Forge BiomeDictionary some mods cause it to crash. Mods which cause the crash are Mo’ Creatures and Roguelike Dungeons. So for now I’m forced to use Realistic Terrain Generation but I don’t like it so much.