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In a forum like this, there’s bound to be made several threads where the original post will have to be edited many times. One example is the Plugins to be ported thread, where the OP contains a list which is both useful and prone to become extensive.

As such, I’d like a system where the original poster can give other users editing access to his/her OP. This would enable more frequent updating, and lessen the work to be done for each person.

What do you guys think? Is there any better way to do this? Is it totally stupid? Any criticism is welcome!

I’d also like to add that I absolutely love this forum software. I’ve never used Discourse before, but it’s so minimalist and easy to use that I instantly fell in love :smile:



This is a must.


I really support this idea as it will allow for group collaboration on informative posts amongst non-staff members around the forum.

As the OP of that thread I would LOVE that. If it could be implemented I would be very happy

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That is the reason I prefer wikis or gdrive docs

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Yeah don’t want it like bukkit were there are hundreds of outdated tutorials on forums.
Just put it on a wiki so that multiple people can edit it.
Like only plugin developers maybe as they know how things work and if it’s gonna be public it’ll easily get a mess.
And then you can like submit your wiki pages to wiki staff and they will put it on the main page with links to all tutorials.
The way it was on bukkit was just horrible.

But this idea is nice though can also be useful for other things.
But I really hope tutorials and lists like those will be on a wiki.
And I saw wiki mentioned a couple times already so I suppose it’ll be fine seeing as sk89q also used wikis for his plugins.

This is good for keeping up to date tutorials/resources. Even if the OP becomes dis-active, there are still others to keep it up to date.

Sure in process:

Although I personally have no use for this feature, I completely agree that it would be easier for plugin developers to update their work. I support this idea.


Love the idea! Totally for it. :slight_smile:

I believe you can make any post into a wiki post.

So pretty much any thread on Discourse can really be a wiki editable by the community.

I can’t seem to find that option while creating a new topic, nor while editing. Are you sure that’s not a feature you have because of your elevated rank? Otherwise, I’d be eternally grateful for a tutorial :smile:

I honestly have no idea.

Wiki editing is a staple of StackOverflow and StackExchange though, so I think it’s intended to be a feature available to all – you may just need to go up a bit in rank.

Asked @riking: Setting a post to a wiki requires admin but anyone with trust level 1+ can edit.

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Ah, alright. I’d still like a feature where the original poster can choose who gets to edit, though.

Pretty sure there’s a plugin for that…

Found it:

@lukegb I think this is a good idea to include :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to make trust level 2 or 3 be able to turn their posts into wiki pages? That would be convenient.

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That Shared Edit plugin lets anyone do that.

What is the status on that plugin? Having it would be really nice :smiley:

Hate to necro, just found this thread. I want to support this feature, would be helpful for groups like bytelabs and cryogen, were it’s members may need access to edit the OP.