Multiples Questions

Hi there ! I am new to Sponge and I Compiled it with Idea an Ubuntu, but there are some things that I don’t understand.
Firstly, Is Sponge a standalone server or not ? If not, do I have to run it as a mod in forge, and how to ?
Secondly, Why Sponge is better than Forge or Bukkit (I know that it is deprecated …) ?


  • I’m not completely sure about how the Sponge server will be run, and I don’t even know if they’ve gotten to that point… I think they’re still working on the API which is probably what you compiled, so the API is definitely not a standalone server (kinda like bukkit and craftbukkit).
  • You will need a mod for Minecraft to join Sponge servers if I’m not mistaken.
  • Sponge isn’t better than Forge, it actually works alongside it.
  • The only way that Sponge is better than Bukkit is in Sponge’s license; which better protects us from the mess that Bukkit experienced.

Here are some topics and links to take a look at:

Here is a thread that might help you. Also you can access the FAQ here.

Why it is so hard for people to find the FAQ.

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as well as

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1.) Sponge, in it’s current state and as it works when I compiled the jar myself, I can tell it is a forge coremod.
2.) Sponge is an API for both client and server. You should understand this if you have enough basic knowledge in networking. But as it requires forge as a dependency, it can’t be considered better or worse.