Multiworld Management

Anyone have any word on a multiworld management plugin that is being developed for SP? I’ve heard Multiverse will be ported to sponge but I can’t find any sources for a dev build that isn’t meant for bukkit :frowning:

Any advice would be greatly apreaciated!

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Regardless of whether Multiverse is being ported, Sponge is adding a lot of new world management and world generation features that should hopefully make developing a multiworld plugin far easier than it was before.


Sponge (forge version) is supposed to be supported in singleplayer/localserver on a forge client; not sure where the singleplayer stuff is in their priorities though.


Theoretically, the client and dedicated servers should work identically. This is supported AFAIK inside of sponge, so any plugins that work in the server should work on the client as well. If they don’t it’s a bug that should probably be fixed.

Excellent feed back guys! @ZephireNZ that gives me the confidence to try using some maintained bukkit plugins. Multiverse 2.5 here I come, I will start posting tickets on their git if I come across any problems.

assuming that means you’re gonna attempt to throw bukkit plugins at sponge,

not what he meant.

he means that the forge version of Sponge should (theoretically) work as planned whether or not it is placed as a server mod or a client mod.

EDIT: plus, bukkit plugins aren’t gonna be natively supported by Sponge anyway.

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Most of multi-verse is built into Sponge (with a full World and World Generation API)


@Xemiru ahh I see what you guys mean. Well that discussion is another can of worms. I’m just curious about server side implementation, with the effect of having 4+ worlds loaded.

@Zidane I was under the impression that this support was supposed to be built right into the API, I just can’t find any documentation outlining the process.

EDIT: I won’t try throwing bukkit plugins at sponge now :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh thank god, at least we got this one before he passed the ignorance event horizon!

Welcome, @Thorns_Ofire, to TolerationClub!


Sorry for my noob ways @ButterDev!

Unfortunately I’m not a programmer but I have been running a server for over 4 years now. Trying to learn the new ways of Sponge.

I’ve been seriously considering taking a few classes so I can help contribute to the community. In the mean time I will try not to do/say anything silly and I’ll provide as much feed back as possible with my experiments.

(^^^ Probably going to pwn my server a few times in the process :stuck_out_tongue: but its all good, automatic archives every 30 mins and a raid drive just in case!)

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Is there some news for Multiworld plugins on Sponge ?

Working on one now: here

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Okay fine !
Do you have a pre-release?

It currently works with creating worlds but there are some leaks i need to patch with creating nether and end worlds, there should be one later today.

Okay no problem,
I stand abreast then :slight_smile:

Hey its me again. I just would ask if it was possible to add a new feature in your Multiworld plugin : the parameter that when a player die in a world, he respawn in (the same by default) a specified world ?

In the worlds config it could be like :

forcerespawnin : (the same by default)

Thank’s !

EDIT: If you need testers i can help you

So on the state of sponge IV they mentioned that they will be adding MW support on state of sponge V. @Kazz96 check into the dev teams progress and what their goal is, don’t want to see you spend a ton of time on something just to have it done with sponge API!

I’m not a dev, I just made some request to @intronate67 who is working on a multiworld plugin :slight_smile:

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Sweet, well I’ll keep an eye on your work. Multiworld support is what I’m waiting for! :smiley:

Yeah like @Thorns_Ofire theres a pull requests current in work on the project. It adds a lot of functionality for the plugin to work.

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