Music - Whats your favorite song?

Whats your favorite song? I would like to hear it from you!

For instance mine is:

Nine Inch Nails - Just Like you Imagined

Link: Nine inch Nails Just Like you Imagined - YouTube

I have seen other threads about this but they are all dead.

I’m not sure, there are so many great songs.

Corinne - Metronomy

Maybe they are all dead because it’s just your taste, and other people don’t care?

Could be correct.

My #1: Styx - Music Time

A close second: Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son

I also like me some Red hot chilly peppers, Foo fighters, Green Day, Aerosmith, The Doors, The Beatles, Suppertramp, David Boey, The rolling stones, Coldpaly, Billy Joel, the list continues…

At the moment, this is my favorite song:

I also really enjoy this song:

Either that or Blue Stahli - Down In Flames (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube

Currently for me it’s



It’s either Hero Of War by Rise Against, Barbarian Horde (Gladiator) by Hans Zimmer, or Binary Sunset (Star Wars) by John Williams (I think that’s the composer? Not sure though). Yes, some old songs, but they’re my taste :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a staggering amount of music I rate highly, but 14 years ago hearing this left me speechless and breathless. It still does, it’s strange melancholy notes are captivating.
I hope someone else gets to enjoy it for the first time too.

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Mine is Uppermost-Love check it out on youtube !

This is absolutely EPIC!

Disclaimer: May break your headphones

Psst: I don’t care about necroposting


My faves right now are:


Thanks to @xxmarijnw!

Another fave of mine is:

It’s nice. :D
This too! :

Okay, I think I’m done for the mo.

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Try it at 1.25 speed o.o

Currently this is my favorite song:

You can also see A lot of the music I listen to here:
WARNING: Contains some explicit

I occasionally add songs to it, as I see fit. Currently there is 354 songs and 24 hours 48 mins worth of music. Enjoy :wink:

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Mine is

The best thing I’ve heard for a long time


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I don’t have a favourite song so I’ll just post a song that a friend released yesterday. Enjoy:)

my favorite is


(Necropost instead of starting a new thread - We don’t need a bunch of “Favourit song” threads.)

TSUKI 月 - Yuki Ame

あ な た forgot? - COCAINEJESUS

Kyoto. - Aso

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