My CPU is having a field day today

I took a screenshot of my task manager performance tab for something else when I noticed something interesting about my CPU. Think you see it? Take a guess at what it is.

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it says the maximum speed is 2.50GHz but the speed in task manager is showing 3.30GHz
(That took longer than I thought) what do you know, it’s a Windows 8 Glitch!!! *Confetti *

look my maximum is 1.90GHz and it is running at 2.22GHz

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Darn windows 8.
Everything breaks on windows 8, I swear it always breaks.

@Latouth I beat you to this thread :wink:

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Sorry, not my problem :wink:

Are you sure that you are just not auto-ocing?

auto-ocing? ````

Auto-Overclocking my Motherboard does that for me and windows reports the clock speed like in OP

Your CPU has Turbo Boost. See the information sheet

Or just windows can be stupid…

I don’t have overclocking I’m running the stock cpu on this laptop

I’m using the Win Tech Preview, looks to be more or less normal on mine, although I’m using an AMD, and they tend not to have those features like Intel.

I like how it shows the processor use per core.

That’s something I’ve changed manually XD You can right click it and ‘Change graph to’ either per logical processor or overall

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cool, now I can see my four core laptop processor.

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OHHHHHH, I know why, I think windows was combining the cores to make it seem higher than it was, It is now fixed for me.

That’s funny cause when I play CPU intensive games it actually likes to go down below 2.5…

@simon816 is correct, turboboost isn’t like overclocking, its fully automatic and rarely actually able to be disabled.

The CPU can overclock itself up to a fixed max when it’s within a large enough margin of specific temperture controls. On a pc in high performance power management, the settings cause the CPU to be at 100% operating speed always, instead of the normal policy of starting at 50%ish and going to 100%, this makes things like games run a bit more predictably, but also leads to strange screenshots like these.

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