My server don't load sponge

Hey after Pixelmon is updated to 1.8.9 i think it will be too easy to make my server with sponge all load but not sponge. can anyone here see my porblem

photo of my control panel

that’s not anywhere near our recommended version of Forge to run Pixelmon, update to the latest version of SpongeForge and get the version of Forge it needs

Okay but i don’t understand what you mean I have the last recommended forge “1.8.9 -” and the last recommended sponge “1.8.9 - 3.1.0-BETA-1046”.

And my server have run before with the same versions of forge and sponge without problems. so i don’t understand.

Your version of SpongeForge is over 100 builds out of date. Also, you’re not providing any sort of server logs, so we have no clue what could potentially be the problem.

ohh now i found my problem but thanks for yoy massenge i now run with the last sponge update. my problem was so simple i need to upload sponge into “mods” :smiley: