My server is very laggy


my server is very laggy.I used Project Ozone 3: A New Way Forward.
CPU:Intel® Xeon® Gold 6154 CPU @ 3.10GHz
average utilization:30%


According to your timings, the lag isn’t just being caused by one or two specific things. The sheer number of loaded entities and mods are what’s causing the low TPS. They each contribute less than 1% to the issue, but because there is just so many with all of their own variables, it ends up being a problem.

My suggestion is to try and reduce the average number of entities you have within your worlds, and if you can at all, remove some of the mods from the pack.

The Xeon model you listed would normally be far more than capable of running all of that without a hitch, so I’d like to ask what else you’re using lol. For example - what host, how much ram, what kind of storage (SSD, or HDD), and what plugins? If you’re on a shared host via something like Multicraft, then your performance makes much more sense.


I used a VPS,and I assigned 10G memory for this modpack.Do you know how to make the server not lagged?


Well, that explains why the Xeon is struggling. Your server isn’t getting the full potential out of it, because you are using a shared host. Running a modpack as ridiculously heavy as ‘Project Ozone 3’ on a shared host is not going to go well.

I explained how, in my previous reply to you. However, I’ll reiterate - Remove some of the mods (preferably the non-essential ones) and remove as many entities from your worlds as you can. You won’t be able to have large mob farms without low TPS on a shared host with that modpack. In fact, I’d be surprised if you were able to maintain 15+ TPS even if you disabled entities entirely.

Mods are a heavy hitter, and with that many mods (279) you’re going to struggle with playability regardless of what shared host you use. It’s my understanding that Forge (and therefore sponge) utilises multiple cores to reduce cpu load and increase performance when running mods. Shared servers tend to limit you to a single core, which is detrimental to modded server performance.

Could I maybe suggest purchasing a cheap dedicated host, such as from Kimsufi? You would have full access to all of the host hardware, including the cpu.


Doubt that’s going to go over well. PO3 is very heavily integrated, the only stuff you can really remove without knowing a good amount about modpacking is the stuff that couldn’t possibly be causing the trouble.


More memory won’t make the server not lag. 7G is plenty for a modpack server with 10ish players and 10G is just plain screwing around. What’s hammering you is your CPU, and there’s no way around that while you’re still using a VPS. Especially with your thousands of actively ticking tile entities - automation heavy modpacks are quite the processor load. PO3 doesn’t have Flux Networks, so that might be a good mod to add because piping systems suck computation wise and it’s a progression friendly way to make it easier on your CPU.


What should I do to make the server not lag?


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