My skin drawings


I stated in this topic I like to draw.
Well on a (dutch)forum I am on a lot I posted a topic about some skin drawings I did.
The forums are from the dutch Youtube channel Dusdavidgames and are started to accept ban appeals for the server and to get to know the community a little bit more.( correct me if i am wrong @Pieter :stuck_out_tongue:)

But to go to my point, I recently found an old drawing I scanned in 2012 and thought ‘why not finish what I started then’ so here is the result of that drawing and three others i did. (More to come)
My own (knagieknagger) is the one from 2012, the others i drew are made recently.

The one with PlotMe is for a FanArt Contest over at DDG


Nice drawings! So you drew these in 2012 to get unban from a server?

No not at al :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe i am a little bit unclear sometimes i just write the things that pop up in my head so it is a bit messy.

The forums of DDG where created for ban appeals, but there are a lot more things to do on the forums.
Offtopic/Fan art/General talk/etc. what most forums have that are made for a specific topic.

I made these drawings in 2012 because I needed something to draw, then i posted the first one in the “Fan Art” section on the forums of DDG and a lot of people liked them so i made more :smile:

Hopefully it is clear now, if not just ask :smile: