My sponge errors pack

Hello everyone! There are my sponge errors pack:

I sent these errors to pixelmon support, they said that’s not pixelmon mod. So I want to try to find help here.
Also, another one (the most actual and the most common drop players error):

Plugins and mods:


Thank you very much for your help. Have a nice day

The issue is the following file


It is attempting to read a module-info.class file which are typically not included in production files.

It’s okay, no problems for the server
What about other things?

The first crash log is caused by a sponge plugin with a schedule. Cannot tell which one though.

The second crash looks like it is coming from Pixelmon


The 3rd crash log is the one I posted before.

The 4th is definitely caused by Pixelmon. (My guess is who ever told you its not caused by Pixelmon just looked at the first crash and thought it was all related.

[08:22:47] [Server thread/INFO] [STDERR]: [com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.battles.controller.log.BattleLog:onCrash:96]: 	at com.pixelmonmod.pixelmon.battles.status.DestinyBond.applyEffect(

The last “broken pipe” is something I don’t know too much about sadly


Here is a stack overflow response. Broken pipe is caused by trying to write to a connection, while the other side has already closed that same connection. It is not you, who closed the connection, else another exception would have been thrown. You can not recover the connection, you have to open a new one.

Or in case you keep getting the exception, it just simply means the application protocol is poorly defined or poorly implemented.

Because all your players leave because of broken pipe error, my guess is a mod is causing it, sadly dont know which one

about 3rd, when I can find it?

about broken pipe… you know… it’s unreal to find this issue through removing plugins and mods. How I can find it in othey way?

When can you find the 3rd issue? At the launch of your server? Gave you all the info on the first comment of this thread to what it is and how to fix it.

As for broken pipe. Yep thats the only way, however you can filter out mods and plugins that dont directly interact with the minecraft network system such as most sponge plugins, if your aware of them then it can save you time.

Actually. If your capable of modding Minecraft server, you can add a stacktrace reveal message at the netty level to see what caused it.

It looks like its attempting to show you that on the console when you get the error but is limited to a single line, so it may show in the debug.log file your server will create in the log file too

About 3rd. Sorry, I was wrong, I meant crash #1. When you said schedule, what did you mean? I can image only MMCReboot as this plugins has schedule for restarting server. Is it right?

4th (broken pipe). I guess I need to understand logic of interacting with the minecraft network system. What are plugins and mods (for example)? About messages in log, it’s a good idea, will try, thanks

Im still confused what you mean by the 3rd one?

As for 1, the crash references the sponge scheduler with the issue being that it cannot create a recipebook, so i would take a look at any plugin that was supposed to create a recipe book or sometimes does. It could be a mod thats causing it too, but its more likely to be a plugin.

So while yes MCCreboot does use a scheduler, i don’t believe that plugin is the issue.

As for what is a plugin vs a mod. On the base … No difference. Both modify the Minecraft server how they like. Both plugins and mods can interact with sponge and forge (while mods dont tend to interact with Sponge, it can happen).

On a developer level, sponge helps developers interact with Minecraft without getting into the nitty gritty stuff, however Sponge essentially forces the developer to treat the server as vanilla Minecraft, its only if the developer forces their own creation to be treated as a server mod. But thats it, a plugin cannot modify the client so things like new assets, true GUIs (inventory guis can be done though Sponge), etc cannot be done though a plugin. But thats its only limit.

As for creating a plugin over a mod is if the plugin just uses Sponge, you can run the plugin on other Minecraft server types such as LanternPowered.

Plugins dont tend to go outside the relm of Sponge and if they do, its to interact with other mods (such as pixelmon). There are plugins that do send network packets outside of Sponge, however most dont and even then it seems like broken pipe wont be caused by sending data, but instead closing the connection. Like I said, broken pipe isnt my thing so my help seems limited.

I really can’t imagine where’s recipe book issue… Maybe someone had experience with it?
About testing on LanternPowered, removing plugins, etc… I’m not sure it’s real, as these crashes aren’t so often, so I can catch changes

About broken pipe. Also, maybe someone can help?

What I think can edit/add recipes:
Pam’s harvestcraft

Nothing else…