MyLineageSystem Plugin

Anyone with help me to decompile in sponge this bukkit plugin for 1.10.2? The creator abandoned it, and I’m trying to create this plugin for RPG servers in general, please help me! Please forgive my poor English.

It does not look like you need to decompile anything; you have the original source code right there.

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but how can I convert it to sponge? 1.10.2

Take the concepts behind the plugin and start writing it for sponge api usage, listeners are listeners, commands are commands, etc.


Could you teach me or take my project to please me, please?

Nobody is going to ‘teach’ you. First learn Java if you haven’t already, then check out the Sponge Docs and the Sponge Javadocs. If you want someone else to port it for you, then this belongs in #plugins:plugin-requests.


@JUAUM_BOB in regards to pie’s response of Nobody is going to ‘teach’ you.

We are happy to field specific questions about things you have attempted yourself, or issues you face if you attempt to do this yourself. However Learning Java (if you don’t already know) is the first step.

The second is probably honestly not even making Sponge plugins, but some simple console applications or learning a simple unit testing library and getting used to the standard java libraries.

The third is then applying that knowledge you have learnt, making sure to pay attention to ‘java 8’ style Java programming (streams, optionals, builders, transactions) are a few key concepts to know about before even attempting Sponge.

Then 4th I’d recommend learning Minecraft/Sponge together. Learn about our commands first, as it’s a great entry point in order to be able to ‘do something in game’ ‘get something out’ . The event system, the scheduler, then deep dive into causes, debugging, permissions.

Porting plugins is (in a way) more difficult then recreating them completely. Apart from the design already being done, Porting can often result in things being more complicated then they should be, having an uncompile-able project etc until the very end.

For beginners I’d recommend making a ‘clone’ of a project over directly porting , as then you can have your own flavor, twists and turns that make it easier for you, and you don’t need to glue yourself to how something else did a thing a certain way.

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Thanks, as I am a beginner I will learn Java better, and request this plugin!