Name changes are out! Tell us what your new name will be!

So as a lot of you know, name changes have officially arrived, whether you have used them or not yet I don’t know.

So tell us what name you guys are using now, or will be using shortly. I myself have finally switched to BitByte. :slight_smile:

I’m now Doctors ingame, makes me happy :smiley: Though I’ll always be The_Doctors_Life outside of minecraft

I’m going from TBotV63 to TBotV63. I’ve been waiting for this my entire life!


GG m8

“RIP TBotV63, TBotV63 here I come!”

I have something like that going on as well. octoshrimpy -> octoshrimpy.
but I might make a gank account with just octo, as well as a few other names I’ve been saving up. (clairvoyantCucumber being one of them)

[redacted] of course. but my budget sucks so I’m not getting that nick anytime soon. Sadly. Nick not listed because reasons.

I’m pretty sure you can’t have brackets in your name. :trollface:

I change “thomas15v” to “\n§bthomas15v§4” I would like to see what that gives.

That’s why I have numbers. numbers > brackets

I haven’t migrated to a Mojang account yet :stuck_out_tongue:

If I do, I’ll try and change simon8162 → simon816

I’m gonna stick with 5tingr4y, it’s my online identity after all.

I’m switching to something along the lines of DotDash.

PeriodLine? xD <tho;aierg;oaireg>

Nah, people might think it’s something else :wink:

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I just changed mine :slight_smile: From Dannnyps to Dannyps. I only chose the first when I bought Minecraft because I couldn’t register the later, though it was available :confused:

PsychoLynx now and forever :3

InternetPolice - minecon 2013 cape.
And finally got the name Trent.


boformer :smile:


It’s unlikely that I’ll be changing mine anytime soon though, I was able to get it set to what I wanted it set to when I first bought Minecraft.

@boformer: Is that a legit Mushroom islands biome island?

Yes, it’s legit. It’s right next to the spawn on my local vanilla test server.