NanoChat - Simple local and global chat. Should work with any chat plugin

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This plugin changes chat to local and global.


Q. Is this chat plugin like UltimateChat or Nucleus chat module?
A. No. This is extension for all chat plugins. This plugin only adds local and global chat feature. This plugin is recommended to be used with another chat plugin like nucleus chat module, UltimateChat, FeatherChat or any other chat plugin. If you want only local and global chat, feel free to use this plugin without other chat plugin.

Q. I want new feature
A. Request it in issue tracker.

Q. I want to report bug
A. Report it in issue tracker

Q. Plugin does not work with something
A. Report it in issue tracker


This plugin has several commands.
/nanochat prefix <local|global> <get|set> [newValue]
Where <local|global> you should write local or global, same with get and set. If you use set, you should specify new prefix.
/nc local set [New &4Prefix] <- this command sets local prefix to [New &4Prefix]
/nc global get <- this command shows your current global prefix
Another command is
/nanochat range <get|set> [newValue] - this command works same as /nc prefix and allows you to get/set local chat range
Two more commands:
/nanochat <order|modifybody> <get|set> [newValue] to change/set order and modifyBody config params.
Last command is /nanochat enabled <get|set> [newValue], works as another commands in this plugin.


nanochat.command.prefix.local.get - access for /nanochat prefix local get command
nanochat.command.prefix.local.set - access for /nanochat prefix local set <newValue> command - access for /nanochat prefix global get command - access for /nanochat prefix global set <newValue> command
nanochat.command.range.get - access for /nanochat range get command
nanochat.command.range.set - access for /nanochat range set command
nanochat.command.modifybody.get - access for /nanochat modifybody get command
nanochat.command.modifybody.set - access for /nanochat modifybody set <newValue> command
nanochat.command.order.get - access for /nanochet order get command
nanochat.command.order.set - access for /nanochet order set <newValue> command
nanochat.command.enabled.get - access for /nanochat enabled get command
nanochat.command.enabled.set - access for /nanochat enabled set <newValue> command - permission to write in global chat, if player doesn’t have this permission, message will be sent in local chat. - ability to see local chat, even if not in range


Here is plugin config:

# Set to true, if plugin should be enabled, false otherwise
# Global chat prefix
globalPrefix {
    text="[G] "
# Local chat prefix
localPrefix {
    text="[L] "
# Should modify message body? (remove '!' before message)
# Run before other plugins or after. Possible values: LATE, EARLY.
# Local chat range, in blocks
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A new version has been released for NanoChat, it is available for download here.

Fixed typo in permission

By chance, did you try it with Nucleus, Boop and ItemChat ?

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A new version has been released for NanoChat, it is available for download here.

  1. Fixed global and local chat reverse behavior(old: you should use “!” to write in local, new: to write in global)
  2. Fixed text colorization
  3. Added permission for global chat:, if player doesn’t have this permission, message will be sent in local chat
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It should work with any chat plugin.

hey, make a feature so if someone has a permission( ) they can see any local chat from where ever, this would be used by mod/admins ECT.

whats your discord?

also in the config, can I use color codes, Example: # Global chat prefix text="&7[&aShout&7] "

Yes, you can, just use in-game command to change prefix, config will be filled with correct values automatically.
I don’t have discord.
About permission - ok, i’ll do this, today or tomorrow.

A new version has been released for NanoChat, it is available for download here.

  1. Really fixed swapped global and local chats
  2. New permission: to see local chats

Thank you so much dude, I really appreciate you taking your time with this, ive been looking for a plugin like this, like exactly like this for the past 4 months. with the “!” Trigger system. thank you!

there’s also an issue, its not compatible with Nucleus.look. and the color coding with the config didnt work well image . other wise, great work!

looks like you cant add any spaces in the chat prefix config lol, but the range doesnt seem to like work

What exactly does not work?
Range must work. If you added all permissions of plugin, then you will able to see all local chats.
If you have any plugin, that modifies message channels of event, it may not work.

The fallowing did not work for me:

*shouting with “!” before the message
*Local chats

heres my log, not sure if i’ll help [08:10:25] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Loading tweak class name net.minecraftfo -

Send me your nucleus configs

here you go. # Welcome to Nucleus 1.6.3-S7.1. This is the main configuration file.# # If -

I was testing this plugin out, and some features also did not work as well. I got the same problems as Kyle.
the local chats dont work, nor do the links and the “!” shouting trigger.

I’m back now! I will try to fix/workaround this today or tomorrow.