Navbar Sponge dropdown still doesn't work on mobile

The Discourse mobile site is pretty good in most aspects but many months ago an update caused the navbar dropdown to not work anymore. If you try to click it, it simply navigates you to the categories page. It should work like on SpongeHome and the docs, where you click it once then the dropdown is there until you choose an option or click elsewhere.

Phone: Nexus 6P running latest Android N
Browser: Chrome Dev 55 and Chrome Stable 53

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Same issue here:
Nexus 6, latest N
Latest chrome release

Same on iOS (Safari 10).

@lukegb Anything you can do about it?

Confirming this is still an issue, and it actually only shows the Sponge logo now instead of “SPONGE” right after it on the navbar.

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This is still occurring. Clicking it will simply return to the home “categories” page. Holding it for any period of time does not help either.

Confirming this on:

Pixel XL, Chrome Dev 59.0.3071.25, Android 7.1.2

Edit: Don’t really know why I included the picture to be honest. Feel free to see how strong my signal is.

Also can reproduce. iPhone 5s, Safari, iOS 10.3.1.